Whats the top feature you would like in Skyturns?


I have so many ideas. But if I have to pick one it would be to make the level editor public and be able to browse and play other peoples levels. I just so badly want to play some new levels that someone else made… :slight_smile:


That’s true ! The level editor must be a great update ! I have another idea, why not make a second level of difficulties where the stage became more long and more difficult !


Hey, cool to see someone here! Thats a good idea, I hope we will make more levels in the future so the game is even longer :slight_smile:


I hope too ! But why we are the only two people here ?


The forum is completely new! We will add it to the game soon, then more people will come :slight_smile:


Oh ok i see ! It’s a really good news !


Hey! I want more levels :smiley: